Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve worked a lot to get a new website and then… nothing. Not a single post in several weeks. Sorry not sorry, but my life (the real one!) finally moved on and to be honest, I’m pretty glad to be busy rather than have too much time to work on my blog! I will stay in Lyon for the next few months, which is not so bad, as you probably.. Read More

[Interview] Buenos Aires by my brother

WHV Buenos Aires

Few months ago, it was my brother’s turn to travel. If I choose a cold destination, he decided to leave in a warner part of the world: Argentina! I asked him a few questions about his experience: Can you introduce you briefly? I’m Ludwig, 22 years old and French. I finished my studies in mechanical and production engineering one year ago. Then, I had the choice between starting a regular life.. Read More

Circle of Light in Moscow

Festival Circle of Light Moscow

For 5 years, an International Festival takes place in Moscow: the Circle Of Light. This festival is inspired by the famous (and biggest) festival of light organized in Lyon on December 8 for many years. Each year the French festival attracts more than 3 million people. For the cultural part, on the 8 December, residents of Lyon celebrate Mary, mother of Jesus, to thank her for having stopped the plague in.. Read More

6 tips for a successful Moscow Face-Control.

Face-control Moscow

If you search on Google for « Face-contol », you’ll be surprised to see that only on the first page, 6 links are talking about Moscow. Indeed, going into a club in Moscow can sometimes be a real test. As a girl, I must admit that it’s difficult to compete with Russians! Russians girls don’t care about wearing short dresses in negative temperatures, or high heel with ice on the ground: in.. Read More

Another way to discover France

Bambouseraie France

Planning holidays in France? You want to see something else than Paris and St Tropez? Let’s discover a new department in southern France: the Gard. Few days ago, my family and I were looking to escape bad weather in Lyon. We got in the car and drove for 3 hours to reach a quiet and sunny place: The Bambouseraie. As you probably guessed thanks to the name, the Bambouseraie is a.. Read More

How to get a Chinese visa in Moscow

Chinese Visa in Moscow

You’re an expat currently living in Russia and you’d like to visit China? Or maybe you’re planning a world trip and you will need to apply for your chinese visa from Russia? No matter the reason why you’re reading this post right now, I’m going to help you obtain your visa from Moscow. If it worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you!   My first advice: Don’t.. Read More