If you search on Google for « Face-contol », you’ll be surprised to see that only on the first page, 6 links are talking about Moscow.
Indeed, going into a club in Moscow can sometimes be a real test.

Moscow face-control Moscou

As a girl, I must admit that it’s difficult to compete with Russians!
Russians girls don’t care about wearing short dresses in negative temperatures, or high heel with ice on the ground: in summer as in winter, being sexy is the most important!

Most articles dealing with face-control in Moscow, advice you to wear short clothes and/or to be extrovert.
But if , just like me, you don’t want look like LadyGaga on stage, by your behavior or your clothes, follow these few advices I’ve tried for you (you’re welcome!).

1/ Speak English, French, Italian…

…whatever you want but not Russian. This advice works for a lot of country. Speaking a foreign language helps to pass the face-control. Except maybe the american accent in Russia ;-)
Be careful though, some clubs will prefer only Russian. Don’t worry, you’re not rich enough for them anyway.

2/ Avoid women, stay with men!

Girls, you have to admit that this is the best advice you’ve ever received ;-)
Usually, women are getting into the club easily. But in Moscow, guys have the priority. Clubs need them to pay drinks to all beautiful Russian women already waiting in the club!

3/ Small is better.

A small group has more chances of getting into the club than a big one. That doesn’t mean you need to select your friends! But try to divide you into group of 4/5 persons max.
And, just from me to you, choose your group carefully: let the drunk girl and the loud guy with the other group!

Moscow Face-Control
I was wrong. All Russian girls are not wearing short skirts. Some of them forget about the skirt!

4/ If you get a no once, you have good chances to be banned for ever!

I’m sorry to be rude, but it’s for your own good!
Bouncers have a good memory and if they decide you don’t deserve to get into the club, it’s gonna be hard to change their mind! (Just hard but not impossible, as I explain in the next tip).
So wait for your turn, look happy but not too crazy: let them think you’re fun but not uncontrollable. If you need to throw up, this is not the right time! Improve your knowledge of Russian insults either!

5/ But don’t give up after the first no.

Sometimes, you just have to do the queue again and the bouncer change his mind. I have no explanation for this, but it can work sometimes.

Moscow Face-Control
Be prepared to wait, wait and wait again!

6/ Take care of your look!

Boo, shame on me!!! I’m sorry, I tried to avoid this advice but you have to consider it, at least a little bit.
No need to change the way you are, just be careful to change your clothes after your jogging or your gardening activities!

If you’ve finally tried all these tips and you’re still outside, freezing, looking for a place to go… Are you sure you’re not wearing a tee-shirt with Obama’s face on it?!!

I hope these few tips will be helpful to some of you :-)
Add in the comments if you know some other ones.

Photo credit: Jagger et Rolling Stones