Planning holidays in France? You want to see something else than Paris and St Tropez?
Let’s discover a new department in southern France: the Gard.

Few days ago, my family and I were looking to escape bad weather in Lyon. We got in the car and drove for 3 hours to reach a quiet and sunny place:

The Bambouseraie.

As you probably guessed thanks to the name, the Bambouseraie is a garden full of different species of Bamboos.
Passing through the bamboos, you’ll also meet animals, different species of trees, a typical Laotian village, a bamboo labyrinth, a farmhouse…
A surprising visit, for gardeners and non-gardeners, children and adults and also for dogs (who must be on a lead).

But pictures are worth a thousand words :

Bambouseraie - Gard
Have you ever been in a Laotian village?
Bambouseraie - Gard
The farmhouse

Bambouseraie - Gard

Bambouseraie - Gard
France or Japan?
Bambouseraie - Gard
The Dragon Valley (But I didn’t see any dragon…)

Bambouseraie - Gard

Bambouseraie - Gard

Bambouseraie - Gard
I told you, it’s a pet-friendly place!

After the visit, you’ll probably get bored of seeing nature and you will need something more… chemical!

What a coincidence! The Haribo Museum is located 30 minutes by car from the Bambouseraie!
First, visit the museum, with samples all around the visit (my favourite part!).
Then, prepare your credit card and have a look to the shop!

Haribo Museum - France
Will you resist the temptation ?

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