Circle of Light in Moscow

Festival Circle of Light Moscow

For 5 years, an International Festival takes place in Moscow: the Circle Of Light. This festival is inspired by the famous (and biggest) festival of light organized in Lyon on December 8 for many years. Each year the French festival attracts more than 3 million people. For the cultural part, on the 8 December, residents of Lyon celebrate Mary, mother of Jesus, to thank her for having stopped the plague in.. Read More

6 tips for a successful Moscow Face-Control.

Face-control Moscow

If you search on Google for « Face-contol », you’ll be surprised to see that only on the first page, 6 links are talking about Moscow. Indeed, going into a club in Moscow can sometimes be a real test. As a girl, I must admit that it’s difficult to compete with Russians! Russians girls don’t care about wearing short dresses in negative temperatures, or high heel with ice on the ground: in.. Read More

7 essential apps in Moscow

essential apps in Moscow

Let me explain you how Russia appears to foreigners at the first sight: – the different alphabet makes you feel completely lost (but wait to see how Chinese is!); – a lot of Russians don’t understand/speak English, even a little bit; – let’s talk honestly, they can also be cold and distant at first. To make it short, if you plan to visit Russia, be ready to feel completely lost!.. Read More