You’re an expat currently living in Russia and you’d like to visit China?
Or maybe you’re planning a world trip and you will need to apply for your chinese visa from Russia?

No matter the reason why you’re reading this post right now, I’m going to help you obtain your visa from Moscow.
If it worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you!

Chinese Visa application from Moscow
If your application is rejected, you still can ask Putin to help you!


My first advice: Don’t listen people who had bad experience

Usually, pessimistic people are the ones who went to the embassy with missing documents, the ones who try to pay people to make the application for them or -the worst- the ones who never even asked for a chinese visa but who speak anyway… So believe in yourself and stay confident.
As Putin’s best friend said: Yes, we can!


My second advice: Be organized

Think about a plan B just in case, make sure you bring all the required documents (and copies if possible), take care to get this documents in Chinese, Russian or English (it seems logical that they don’t understand all languages).
The embassy is open between 9am and 12pm. Don’t arrive at 11am if you want to have a chance to enter and be ready to stay there until noon.


My third advice: Be prepared

If you apply in winter, don’t forget your jacket, scarf, gloves, hat, the money to bribe the policeman and enter before others … Indeed, you will have to wait outside!


How long does it take to get the visa?

Once you’re done with the application, you have to wait one week.
You can also pay a little bit more (around 10€) and you will have it after 2 or 3 days.

What about the price?

Less expensive than a Russian visa from France!
I paid « only » 15€ and one week after, my visa was waiting for me at the embassy!
(FYI, I applied in March 2015)

Last point:

As you will stay one week without passport, make a copy before applying.
(And get ready to experience every day one of the biggest fears for expat: “Where is my passport? I lost my passport!”)



The following information come from a visa application center’s website. They practice highest prices than embassy but you still can contact them for advice.

China Visa Center:
Ul. 1st Kadashevsky lane, 13, build. 1, floor 2 (m Tretyakovskaja)
Opening hours: 9.00 – 19.00 (without lunch)
Phone (free):  8 800 333 31 06

List of documents:

– Passport – valid for at least 6 months at the time of applying of documents to the Consulate, and having at least two blank pages
– Photos (1 pcs.) – Color on a light background, 3 * 4 cm , ​​no more than 3 months ago, without corners and ovals
– Booking flights (both ways)
– Booking/Reservation (proof of residence in the territory of the PRC) – with the names of all tourist
– International insurance (copy)
– А completed application form

Additional documents:

Copies of previously issued visas to China – if the previous visa passport + copy of passport page 1
If the trip to China for the first time: – Certificate of Employment * (on company letterhead stating position, length of service, salary, or Form 2 PIT) – Out of state funds in the account at the rate of 100$ per day per person ** issued in bank branch (signed and stamped)
* Instead of certificate of employment, as well as for the unemployed

** Financial documents – no more than one month from the date of issue

Foreign citizens

Foreign citizens in addition to the main list of documents must also provide:
– Registration (valid at the time of return to the Russian Federation)
– Certificate of employment (indicating length of service, position and salary) + work permit
– Russian visa (if required)
– Migration card
– Letter from job (origina only) + work permit (original)
– Copy of national passport (if you have this)

Attention please: the new rule in Consulate for foreign citizens
“All foreign citizens must have Invitation from Chinese Tourism Company or from Chinese Company (Commercial or government)”