MoscowFlo, it’s me.
A French girl, who left her beloved city (Lyon) a few months ago to discover Russia and especially Moscow.
I first started this blog to inform my family. Soon I realized I could use my own experience to give useful information to people interested in Moscow, Russia or even more widely, travels.


What’s the blog about?

You’re not gonna be surprised if I say Moscow! But not only!
You will also find articles about St Petersburg, China, France and even South America as my brother spent several months there.


Tell me about you!

For now, I don’t know exactly who are the non-french people who read me. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message, telling me what kind of information would be useful to you. Plus, I’d love to know from which part of the world you come from!


Oh, by the way, I try to write both in French and English on my Facebook page, so you can like it!